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Product Review and GIVEAWAY

Recently I was contacted by
Mother's Therapy Organics
I was super excited when they contacted me because...
they wanted to send me some of their GERM FIGHTING products...
I am a self declared germaphobe and this made me SUPER HAPPY!!!!

If you have been following me...
you know my little house has been a petri dish for germs lately...
It all started with the HUBS getting the flu...
Bub and I did NOT...
and I attribute that to good hand washing and using great hand sanitizers!!!
and I recently got over a horrible yucky case of bronchitis...
I was constantly washing my hands
and they were getting chapped and super dry....
so what's a FARLEY to do....

I started using the hand lotion from Mother's Therapy Organics
A little bit of this lotion goes a long way.
When I first put a little dollop in my hand it was SUPER shiny... and reminded me of shampoo or conditioner... I am not gonna lie I thought it was going to be sticky and super greasy and thick....
it went on super smooth and left my hands soft and germ-free...
not to mention the smell is very refreshing.

I decided to get the opinions of others
Heather- said it reminded her of shampoo and then after she rubbed it in LOVED it... she said it was super soft and smelled great

Cole one of my students came up to me complaining of a chapped cheek (I am besties with his mama) so I gave him a little squirt of the lotion and at first he was a little apprehensive because of the look BUT I told him to rub it in... he said it cooled his cheek off (and chin)
and let me tell you his cheek (and chin) stayed moisturized throughout the day... good stuff
oh and Cole also said it smelled fresh

Bub... wanted some and so I let him try some... he smiled at the shiny-ness and
rubbed it all over... up and down his arms...
he sniffed his hands and commented... oh that smells delicious

so there ya have it...
friends and family are LOVING this product...
and I haven't even talked about the hand sanitizer

this is Bub's favorite...
once again ... it smells delicious
ha ha ha...
it is clear like other hand sanitizers
but the smell is fresh and cucumbery
it leaves your hands smelling good and smooth

I had this at school too...
the fourthies had 3 to choose from...
I keep them by the door...
they had
the generic one that is pungent with the alcohol smell
a B&B red one that smells like cupcakes or cake... can't remember
and then they had
Mother's Therapy Organics
you might think the B&B one would be their fave....
I had to take the Mother's Therapy one home because if I didn't I wouldn't have any left...

so what makes these so special...
why should you care
for one...
they are a WOMAN owned business ...enough said
their goal is to provide moms with a healthy alternative to those alcohol based sanitizers
and they use safe and natural ingredients

the generous people from
Mother's Therapy Organics
has offered a great GIVEAWAY for my readers....
click on pic to head to their website so you can see ALL of their fab products


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I wanted to let you know...
YES Mother's Therapy Organics contacted me to do a review and giveaway
YES my opinions are honest and my own
I will always strive to provide my readers with my honest opinions
YES I want to thank Mother's Therapy Organics for this opportunity and for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway


  1. I love this company! I absolutely love their hand sanitizers.

  2. I'd never heard of this company until your post! I'm also a self-proclaimed germaphobe and would love to try their Germ Fight'n Hand Lotion to fight these hands that are sooooo dry from all the hand sanitizer they've endured this winter!

  3. I, too, had never heard of Mother's Therapy before reading this. I would LOVE to try their Baby Lotion since my son's skin needs lots of moisturizer to stay silky smooth! :)

  4. I like the travel size sanitizer and the lotion.

  5. I make my own hand sani for my purse, but it is a spray, not a gel, so not great for the classroom. This would be great!

  6. Thanks for sharing about this company. I am really interested in the hand lotion. I have had a terrible time with chapped and rough hands this winter. I'm looking for a good product to help with this issue. This one sounds wonderful.

  7. I like their baby lotion. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  8. I would love to try the hand lotion.

  9. I am always looking for a new germ free product for the classroom. Sounds like a great thing to try out.

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  11. The lotion could probably do wonders on my dry hands... using hand sanitizer in the classroom every hour it feels like dries them out so quick, and i don't like oily lotions that make them feel yucky!


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