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PreK, hicups, and best lesson ever

what have you been up to???
I am so sorry I have been a slacker of a blogger...
seriously I was lucky to get the CURRENTLY posted :)

I have been super cray with paperwork, schedules, teaching, grading, RTIing, 504ing, modifying, differentiating, DEP planning, rearranging, lesson planning, and wait for it... breathing

Bub started PRE K and I never realized what an adjustment it would be for our family
and really it has been...
I would LOVE to say he has been a perfect little student
as he says... he has had some hicups...
nothing major... even though he did have to visit the principal the 3rd week *wink*
as his teacher calls it... he is adjusting to a new world
I am VERY proud to say that he is getting better and better...
he has NEVER been in a classroom setting before
my mom and dad have watched him since he was a few months old
I feel very blessed that they were able to do that for me and Bub
and he is the only child... and will be... my plumbing was removed because it was malfunctioning
and I ain't got time for that!!! PLUS it never worked in the first place

SO any who... Bub is new to a school setting
(we tried to get him in sooner BUT he was on a waiting list for almost a year because this school is amazing),
he is an only child, he is a boy...B.O.Y. boy, and seriously
SERIOUSLY my kid is like a little SHELDON...
you know from The Big Bang Theory...
insert Mama with Penny and that is my kid...
his sweet teacher told me he is way advanced
( I already knew that... the kid could ID words before he was a walking )
and she told us he is far beyond the others in his class academically
so while other kiddos are working on their letters
my little brainiac is spelling words...
HE is reading on a 3rd grade level (almost 4th)
thanks to my mama who is a retired Reading Specialist...
so my little guy is adjusting to his new world and LOVES going to school every single day
and we are adjusting too...
well I must say this experience has enlightened me to the other side of teaching...
the parent side...
and this has made me more understanding and more patient with the parents of my students...
CRUD this is hard work and
maintaining his school homework and new schedule and my homework and new schedule and all the other things life brings us
it is HARD!!!
and I think this is a blessing...
he has a wonderful teacher that is walking me and hubs through this new experience
and I have embraced my feelings in order to better communicate with my parents...
many of my classroom parents are working multiple jobs
and about half are single parent homes
and I don't think any of them are the only child... Ok maybe one
still this has opened my eyes...
I have a better understanding of what my parents are going through and sacrificing and doing...
my class parents are awesome!!!
I am blessed to have them... and I am also blessed that Bub has teachers that love and guide him and me *wink*

and well I know you want to know what one of his hicups was....
so I will tell you...
they were voting on names for their class pets...
2 female gerbils
and Drew wanted one of the options to be RAY
(Ray is the name of his favorite Ghostbuster... HE LOVES GHOSTBUSTERS)
he even told one of his teachers that on the playground please call him Ray
his teacher put the name Ray on the list of names to vote for...
each kiddo got to come to the board to vote for 2 names
and then he was the last one to vote...looked at the board... and knew even with his 2 votes for Ray
Ray would not win... so he refused to vote.
he exercised his right to NOT VOTE
and he couldn't understand why the kids didn't vote for Ray...
(I wonder why??? 2 female gerbils and a class full of girls and the name RAY is not winning... HA)
he was upset because he knew if the boys would have used both their votes for Ray... Ray would have won....
Ray would have won...but since it didn't the names are
Repunzel and Silky (yep a class full of girls)
Lesson Number One... you don't always get what you want!

OK enough about my kiddo and his adjustments...
and my adjustments
and let me show you possibly one of my favoritest (in the Farley Dictionary) lessons I have done EVER... EVER

but that will have to wait... I promised Bub we would go walking together tonight and it is getting dark... so I will post about it tomorrow...
want a looky lou... ok...


  1. Oh so cute! My whole family has Ray or Rae as a middle name! Although I don't think I have ever seen Ghostbusters. Going to try and find a way to watch right now!
    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I just love teaching kidlets in their first year of school because it is so full of new experiences for them! Voting is such a tricky concept - I always forget that the first time I do a class vote the kidlets will want to vote for everything!

    Hope your little one has an amazing year at school. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  3. Can't wait to see your lesson! I have slacked in blogging too! I feel like I can barely keep my head above water this year. Too many changes make too much stress!!!! Ugh a bug a boo!!! Have a happy and relaxing weekend:) I walked this morning and it was wonderful:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Thanks for sharing these things with us! Everybody out there please remember (I need to remind myself too!) that it is really hard to be a teacher right now!! This has been my
    Mantra and it's getting me through the moments of panic.

  5. There something strange in your neighborhood .....Ok fine I SO understand his issue....LOL.....but on the other hand as I tell all my friends with single children (based on my mother a only child) adopt adopt ....be the whole nature vs nurture study......LOL......Just think you could adopt and name the child Ray......LOL......this year has been tough for alot of us (even us without children)

  6. Before I had children, I could never understand why some moms cried at our parent teacher conference, if I mentioned that their child wasn't up to par on something. After have my children, I remember attending my Drew's first conference. The teacher told me a little itty bitty thing that he needed work on. My bubble was burst! My perfect first born was. Not. Perfect! Eee-gads! What now? It hit me right then and there why all those other moms cried!

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  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. I don't have kids (medical reasons), so hearing about this is important. Looking forward to hearing about your lesson.


  9. Great post - thanks for sharing!


  10. Hope you have less hiccups. As a parent as an only child, I am still experiencing hiccups. My daughter has grown up with her teachers (being I teach at the school she attends), and she likes to test what she can get away with.


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