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Friday Tears, Sea World, and a Jeep

It is Friday...
I didn't even want to type that word because
my Spring Break has come to an end....
please hold while I wipe my tears away!!!
Seriously I LOVE being home with Bub and I needed a break for sure!!!
now I have to start thinking about W-O-R-K
NO I will not
I won't do it!!!
I would rather do all of my laundry
(and put it away... I hate that part)
I will wait til Sunday night because I still have some Spring Break left!!!
and what better way to show you what I have done this SB

seriously am I the only one that can link my pics sometimes and then other times...NADA!!!
so frustrating... click on the link to head on over...but first look at mine :)

ok let's get this linky partay started...

Hubs knew EXACTLY how to start off my Spring Break...
he got us tickets to the local hockey game...
before Bub, we went to all the games
but after Bub, my fear of flying hockey pucks took over and well lives just get busier
SOOOO we stopped going
and I will only go if we sit behind the goalie because the BIG safety net is protecting me
and the fam from PUCKS!!!
I know from experience...those suckers hurt... I got hit by one (twice in the same year)
a few years back
anywho... our seats were FAB
and the game was AWESOME... we lost BUT it was a good game


 Bub and I made Easter in a Jar for all of our favorite grannies
if you want more details on how we did it... head on over to this post...


 I made a goal to walk 50 miles this Spring Break...
what the H to the E-L-L was I thinking???
really 50 miles in one week...
Ok so after the 2nd day of walking and I was only at like mile 2.5
 and had a grand total of 7 miles  (maybe)
and I was dying...
my leg hurt...
my feet were killing me
I was dying y'all
my foot was doing some kinda zombie flat foot walk...
my butt cheek was begging for me to stop...
I pushed myself another mile (maybe)
and then I had to do it...
I called hubby to come and get me...
but not until I took this pic...
the Bluebonnets are GORG in my neighborhood
this is at one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood...
aren't they PURTY???
anyways... I was telling hubs (in the car) I made a goal of 50 miles and he just kinda snickered...
not nice
BUT true
I made him take me to get breakfast and we did...
every Sunday after I walk we go to my FAVE Panera..
so I talked to him about what would be a reasonable goal and well
 I lowered it to 20 miles and well I only need 6 more miles... YIPPEE!!!


 We went to Sea World on Wednesday
with some of my favorite people!!!
I taught both of them!!!
and their mama is one of my besties!!!
we had a blast... and I am not gonna lie... I tracked my miles here
and that is how I am so close to my goal!!!
we had a great time until SHAMU
decided to splash us
I was in the NON SPLASH ZONE
and the rest of the group sat in the SPLASH ZONE
so of course they should get wet...
I don't do salt water
and I got SOAKED too
well that ended our trip...
Bub decided SHAMU is naughty
and I decided I need to write a letter to Sea World
explaining they need to increase their SPLASH ZONE WARNING by about 4 rows...
not to mention we smelled...
like fish and probably whale...
OH my gosh JUST the thought of what is in that water
makes me ILL
moving on!!!


look who got a new JEEP
Hubs got one
I won't hold it against him
well maybe a little!!!
If you remember I was in LOVE with a Mango Tango Jeep in the SUMMER
but when we came back from vaycay
it was gone... insert tear!!!
I seriously was sad and frowny for a few days but got over it!!!
A few weeks later I got my truck (which I love) BUT it is not a JEEP!!!
A JEEP with big wheels and RIMS and a sound system I can't bust and well
that is what Hubs got yesterday... YAY for him!!!
In all seriousness I am happy for my Hubby... he deserves a new car!!
He works very hard for our family and always SPOILS me
he has gone through a lot these past few months and has been a real trooper!!!
I am proud of his courage, strength, and tenacity when it came to being the executor of his mom's estate...
it was and still is an everyday thing we have to work through and he has been AMAZING!!!
he deserves to treat himself... even if it is like my dream car just white... BUT
he deserves it and PLUS he LOOKS HOT in it... not gonna LIE!!!

and I am sure he will let me drive it!!! *wink*

well that about does it... 
Bub and I are planning on packing in a lot more fun before 
you know what comes to an end!!!
Thanks for reading my 5 for Friday 
and go link up with your own... it is fun to see what everyone is up to!!!
here is the link again!!!

and please someone please tell me why I can link my pics and sometimes I can't...



  1. Wow, I am so proud of you for getting 20 miles in! That's definitely more than the handful I did. Starting back on Weight Watchers this coming week myself after enjoying Spring Break.

    Can't wait to find the PERFECT spot this year for some bluebonnet pics!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

  2. OMG, I started laughing about the 50 miles walking - like spitting ice tea out laughing. For some reason, reading about the blue flowers when you were walking - reminded me of our kid's at school - how easily distracted they get, lol. Enjoy your last 3 days of vacation.

    The First Grade Princess

  3. Love the jeep! Hubby has been wanting one as well :) I also adore your bunny in a jar! Great way to ship a treat to nieces and nephews as well :)


  4. Sounds like you had a great week! Congrats on almost hitting 20 miles. That is still a HUGE accomplishment! Enjoy the rest of your vacation. The week just flew by! Luckily Easter is coming up soon!

    I wish I could help you with the image links. I haven't had that problem before and I am not really blogger savvy! I even tried searching on Google for you but didn't have any luck. Wish you the best finding a solution!


  5. Looks like you had a fantastic spring break! I have never been to Sea World, but we do have a Sea Life Park here:)
    Enjoy the rest of your break. Mine starts today!!


  6. It looks like you had a great break - we have another three weeks to go until we get our Spring Break here in South Georgia!! UGGGH! Anyways, just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. I'm relatively new to the blogging world but am quickly becoming addicted!! Anyways, hope you enjoy the weekend and have a great week back at school next week!!

  7. The link issue happens to us all the time. It is so frustrating, but happy to see it's not just us. Great pics by the way. Love the borders and captions!

  8. I'm having the same issue with my "link" button - it works about 1/2 of the time.

    We are probably going to SeaWorld this summer...my 4 yr old keeps asking to go. The last time I went, I was 14 and I hated getting soaked by salt water! I don't love it at the beach and I hate it when a whale lives in it!


  9. I love my Jeep and I am sure your husband will love his too. I have thought about getting a 4 door one. I have a 2 door one that I can't listen to my Ipod in, my husband is not a fan of mine and when we went to look he tried to push me towards another type of car. So I still have my 2005. Which I love, expecially because it is paid off!

    Enjoy the rest of your break, I hope this weekend is really slow for you.

  10. Awesome Spring Break!! I LOVE Sea World and I really love the fact that in Florida, teachers get in for FREE! Is it that way in Texas too? Hope it is!!
    I had issues with linking pictures too... this is what I do now...
    I blog in the "compose setting"... I used the HTML for months until my hubby showed me that way. It's so much easier!
    1. add image
    2. click on the image
    3. click link
    4. click the image again
    5. click link again
    6. add your URL to the web address
    7. click ok

    That should be it!! I hope it works for you!! =) Enjoy your last few days off!!

    Sister Teachers


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