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WINNER... First, Polkadotty, Dash, and Open Up

SO it is that time to pick a winner from the book give away
and the winner is....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

and I wanted to thank Irene Latham for donating the book..
if you are super sad about not winning... you too can have the book...
head on over here...

OK I am taking the next half of this post to do a little
I know I know...
it might be more like 3/4 of the post
I hope you understand...
I have been working on a few fun things... like...
 yep that is right I have been creating font... and here they are...

 #1 ~ this is my VERY first one and it is my actual handwriting... YEPPERS
this is exactly how I write :)

I love polka dots ....
so I added dots and more dots to this one

I like dashes almost as much as I like dots...


and my latest is my newest favorite
looks really cool in BOLD


if you do like these...
maybe you do...
I have them in my TpT for $1.33 each
and they are commercial and personal friendly...
no credit needed but appreciated :)

so let me know what you think?

BUB has a font he is working on...
would you be interested in a 4 year old's font???
maybe? let me know!!!
OH OK that about does it... now I am going to go work on the CURRENTLY for MARCH!!!

can you believe it is MARCH tomorrow?



  1. Your fonts are so fun!! :) I love making my fonts! It's addicting, though!

    Can't wait for March Currently!
    ideas by jivey

  2. Love, love, LOVE your fonts! Super fun! Looking forward to linking up in March!

    Mathematically yours,

  3. Love your fonts! I have been making some as well and have one similar to your dash one! I let my daughter (she's 8) make some fonts...it's true primary handwriting, right?!?

    Can't wait for the Currently!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  4. Those fonts are so cool. I have been investigating how to create fonts because I just love the idea of it. Your creations are getting me even more excited to try it out. :)

  5. These fonts look AWESOME! Very creative. Confession time: I have a slight font addiction too. I don't create fonts, though - I just buy them :)

    Adding these to my wishlist!

    Joy in the Journey

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  7. I absolutely adore these fonts. I am addictive as well. Maybe we need a 12 step program? I will surely be adding these to my collection.

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  9. I love the fonts! I hear it is pretty addicting :) I wonder what 4 yr old font looks like...love to see it.
    My Second Sense

  10. I can totally see myself being obsessed with the polka dotty font! Toooooo cute. =)


  11. Dear PolkaDotty Ringmaster Farley - just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for hosting the giveaway of my book. You are a bright shining galaxy in the digital cosmos, and I am just thrilled to know you. Thinking of you, too, as you go through your Friday appt. xo


~ I {PuFFy} HeArT comments!!!! THANK YOU!!!