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Genes, Calendar, & Muncher

 you know it is back to school time when......

Grandma takes all the girls to the annual BACK TO SCHOOL lunch!!!
YEP... 4 out of 7 of her girls are teachers....
even Grandma was a teacher...
in order....
first is ME 4th grade, my Aunt Tena middle school math, my sis in law Lyssa 4th grade, Grandma retired high school math, and my mama retired 1st, 4th, spec ed,  & reading specialist...
WOWZERS...teaching must be in my genes right?

back to school also means LOTS of hours up at school
doing redecorating and creating...
this is the calendar that hubs and I made to go with my new calendar kit by Little Lovely Leaders...
more on that in a few...

sorry it is blurry BUT can't be a post without bub!!!
he liked sitting in my lunchbox bucket :)
we had supply drop off and all of my kids that POPPED by got one of these...
no it is not all that cute BUT I ran out of time... we didn't have too much time to get our room done before the kiddos showed up!!!
pink elephant is in place and FILLED with BIC...
more on that in a few days
if you don't remember PINK ELEPHANT... head HERE to get a refresher...
purple duck will join him soon :)
alrighty here is my new calendar in place...
the board with the squiggles is my LET IT SHINE board where we brag about good work and what ever else makes us shine :)
then the owl board is the WHO board... for no name papers :)
and then the CALENDAR
the pledge poster is FREE in my TpT store :)
I had it printed on a poster at vistaprint
 I love it :)
this calendar took a little while to create BUT 
my ugly old one had to go... and this was exactly what I was looking for... 
SERIOUSLY it is ah-mazingly cute!!!
thanks to my hubs for the extra effort to get it complete...
we bought shower board at Home Depot and had it cut to size and the pic that you saw earlier was hubs cutting it more to size... it was too tall.... but now it works :)
we used black electrical tape and lots of yard sticks to make sure our lines lined up :)
my squares are not quite squares...more like rectangles...slightly.... I think we did 6 1/2 by 7 
anyways... even though this did take some time and almost a divorce... just kidding.... I ADORE IT!!!
and because it is on shower board I can move it around the room if I need to... BUT I am pretty sure this is the perfect spot for it :)
when I look at it I get all happy inside :)
you can find the complete kit by Bridget at Little Lovely Leaders on TpT 
here is the link(click on the pic)
and NO Bridget did not pay me or ask me or give me anything FREE...
this is from the heart a SHOUT OUT to this FAB PRODUCT!!!

here is a pic of Bridget's Calendar... much cuter than mine...
and she built it on her dry erase board ... isn't it SOOOO cute?!!?
click on it to go to her adorable BLOG to see how she set hers up.... sooooo cute!!! 
tell her Farley sent ya!!!

 well can you guess what bub had for snack?
he was soooo good while hubs, my mom, and I worked in my class so of course he got to munch on it

ok.... short post
got to go get some last minute laundry done
and I am heading back up to school to wrap up loose ends...



  1. LOVE the calendar... so cute!! :)

  2. Your calendar is ah mah zing (as my bestie and I say). I'm debating on whether to make a calendar or not since I have groups (I'm a Spec Ed teacher) and don't know what grade levels I'm teaching. I am keeping this in mind if I do need to make one!

  3. That sounds like my family...most of the females and males in my family work(ed) in a school building. We have principals, elementary, middle and high school teachers, school nurses, mentors, etc. It's crazy!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  4. The calendar looks fantastic! I bought it, too...just haven't put it together yet. Maybe later today.

  5. Hey dearie! Everything looks awesome! LOVING the calendar! Hope you link it up tomorrow with my Monday Made It;) We have a hurricane day tomorrow so maybe I can get caught up with blog reading/stalking...lol. Bubs is too cute in the tub! I can't believe how many teachers are in your fam! Too fun!!

    4th Grade Frolics

  6. The calendar is awesome!! And bub is TOO cute!!! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  7. LOVE this calendar. I'm moving to 5th this year and contemplating putting away my old pocket chart calendar. What size shower board did you get cut??? I really like your idea of being able to move it around!

    1. We had it cut at 51 inches BUT we didn't account for the width of the tape so we then had to go to 6 1/2 by 7 inch squares instead of 7 by 7 ... lol

  8. I wish I had room for a calendar like that in my room! It looks so good!!

    Ginger Snaps

  9. Ahhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE your calendar! What a fantastic idea to make it on that tiling board so you can move it around!! I just love it :) Thanks soo much for posting about it! You are so wonderful! I posted about how excited I was that you posted about me..haha! I am like a little girl with excitement :) Thanks so muchhhh!!

    Little Lovely Leaders

  10. EEEEE~GADS...me (your mamma) in the pic of all of us girls...This pic shows you as a third generation teacher....but your great grandparents were teachers/principal as well...so you are 4th generation....AND...they would be so proud of their first great grandchild. :)

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