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cute elephant, wedding, and a ladybug party

I am joining Ladybug's Linky Party about anchor charts!!!
I am excited to see other upper grade anchor charts...
I am so excited to join this because a few weeks ago
I made new anchor charts for writing...
and now I get to SHOW THEM OFF...
TOOT TOOT... that was me tooting my own horn

my AAAWWUUBBISS... make it sound like a train horn...
I use this acronym for subordinating conjunctions that introduce clauses

I drew clowns on the FIRST AAAWWUBBISS chart
to remind my students of this activity...
this isn't really an anchor chart it is the poster I used in the hallway
the kiddos had to write a sentence using
If my life were a circus act,....
some of them were HILARIOUS!!! sorry no pics of that!!!
and I just noticed I missed the last S (so) I guess I was too focused on the cute elephant :)
FANBOYS... another acronym to help remember the subordinating conjunctions...
they combine two sentences together!!!

what we call our silent reading time... a mouthful YES
BUT it gets the point across and covers EVERYTHING needed!!!

I think I showed this one before.. I know I did on my FB page...
these are ways to keep your reader HOOKED when you write!!!
and I have a VERY meticulous student coloring this and see it is still NOT done
and it has been I think 2 weeks...
ignore the piece of paper sitting on it... she uses this so she doesn't smudge!!!
gotta love her... can you believe she does this during any spare minute she might have... even recess

this is how we solve our word problems
sorry it is so blurry I used my camera phone

this is my giant anchor chart for working your way through a word problem

AHHHHH it is the cute elephant again!!!

 **************************** squirrel moment***********************************

remember I had that wedding on St. Patrick's Day?
it was amazing...
it was so wonderfully rustic
and so unique and it fit the couple PERFECTLY...
sorry I don't have any really good pics...
give me a sec and I'll go steal some off of FB

the ceremony was done in French and English

 the wedding was in Wimberley, Texas
and the weather was WONDERFUL
 ignore the BIG hand

that is my pic above...
the wedding was so nice
we got homemade jam as our gift... so SWEET
literally HA HA
and the cakes YUMMY YUMMY
so perfect and so LOVELY!!!

this is my pic... we had to go over this water road....
going into the ranch and heading out of the ranch
I was SCARED...

and just in case you wanted to know what I wore to the wedding on St. Patrick's Day
I decided against green and went with a grey retro inspired dress....
OH and my PARTY LASHES (fake lashes)

**************************** squirrel********************************************

Ok I know I went off topic...
but I wouldn't be Farley if I didn't and I knew some of my
(no names (teeny))
wanted to know what I wore...

and back to the real reason of this post...
head on over to Ladybug to link up your FAB
anchor charts...
click on this long link...
because I can't get blogger to

and for you lower grade peeps
her friend Mrs. M is having one too
just for you  little guys
so being the NICE Farley
I have that link too!!!

ok that is it



  1. WOW looks like it could be my daughter's wedding...in about ten years, she's only 17, but that is so what hers will be like:)Love the anchor charts you are very talented.

    First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

  2. I love that wedding. I love weddings. I cry.

    Anywho, your dress looks adorable. I have a waiting in April, where'd ya get it?

    Ms. Rachel’s Room

  3. I can't say anything about the charts until I say how fabulous you look--I love that dress color, gorgeous! How hard are the fake lashes to put on? I keep thinking about those lately since everyone seems to be wearing them on tv now!!

    Ok, now I can say that your charts are too awesome--they are so creative and fun, while being informative. Your students must have a blast with you! Thanks so much for linking up :) :)

  4. You can so pull off those lashes! (especially with your fab dress)
    I'm afraid I would just look silly.

    I LOVE your anchor charts. How smart of you to have a student color them. Duh.

    Gonna do that!


    Fun in Room 4B

  5. Love the wedding pics!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look FAB!!!!
    And your anchor charts? You make me want to teach 4th grade and that's saying something!
    And that student coloring for you??? WOW!
    I got an airline ticket. I got an airline ticket. I got an airline ticket!!!!!!!!!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  6. dress came from a friend... actually the mother of the bride :) she bought it for the wedding and didn't like it and so she gave it to me... LUCKY GIRL I AM... she teaches 4th grade with me and I LOVE HER SO MUCH... her daughter (the BRIDE) took my position in 3rd grade :)

    fake lashes are super easy to put on... I would suggest practice practice practice before the event and then you will be fine... I like to wear mine to special events where I know my pic might be taken it makes my eyes... pop!!!
    and thanks girls for all the kind words... TEENY email me.. I HAVE TO KNOW WHEN WHEN WHEN!!!

  7. Hey!! Love your blog! Have you heard of The Write Guy? He was a PDH presentor, one that was actually interesting/useful, and he talked about AAAWWUUBBISS AND he has fun songs to go along with writing. I don't know if you've ever heard of this song....." if I had a million dollars..." it's great to use with conjunctions that start with a clause. Maybe you could still use it this year. The students loved it. The Write Guy has several songs that are fun for the students. I feel your pain with the STAAR, non-sparkly test AND your feelings about C-Scope too. No pizazz at all! Did you have to fill out a questionnaire about it? We did and I actually put that it had NO sparkle :-) I would love an email with your thoughts and to know what you're on in C-Scope for Math ;-) melshackelford@sbcglobal.net.



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